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Power Star UPS cell system in Central University of Finance and Economics

发布时间: 2016/06/28 人气 :1962

    The day before, Powerstar UPS battery system with scientific and reasonable configuration and perfect customer service service successfully won the bid for the Central University of Finance and Economics, providing highly reliable power protection for power system.
    Central University of Finance and Economics Department of new Chinese after the establishment of the Central People's government founded the first new colleges and universities of Finance and economics, after the development stage of the central tax school, central finance college, Central Institute of finance, the Central School of finance, in 1996 changed its name to "Central University of Finance and Economics". Existing College Road and Shahe two campuses. School since the inheritance of "seeking for truth, the pursuit of excellence" concept, the formation of the Central University of Finance and economics of distinctive characteristics, offers strong talent support and intellectual Everfount contribution to national economic construction and socia.This is Central University of Finance and Economics Powerstar UPS battery system can satisfy the maximum load of the equipment room key 7 * 24 hours of uninterrupted operation.
    The successful bidder, once again proved that ,Powerstar product has been highly recognized by the university industry customers, is also fullydemonstrated Powerstar in the field of power systems and power value.(Correspondent: Power Star)